Grandstream Networks, Inc. has been connecting the world since 2002 with SIP Unified Communications solutions that allow businesses to be more productive than ever before. Our award-winning solutions serve the small and medium business and enterprises markets and have been recognized throughout the world for their quality, reliability and innovation. Grandstream solutions lower communication costs, increase security protection and enhance productivity. Our open standard SIP-based products offer broad interoperability throughout the industry, along with unrivaled features, flexibility and price competitiveness.

Grandstream products are available through our established global distribution channels. We are a private corporation headquartered in Boston, MA USA with regional locations in Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, TX, China, Venezuela, Morocco, Malaysia, and Spain.

Grandstream was named the 2016 Global Enterprise IP Endpoints Company of the Year by renowned market research firm, Frost & Sullivan.

Grandstream has been connecting the world since 2002. The Grandstream names means quality, innovation and reliability as we have been manufacturing cutting-edge IP unified communications products for almost 20 years with the main focus of maximizing business productivity, efficiency and communication. Grandstream’s wide-range of products help to connect businesses around the world while allowing them to accomplish more than ever before.



Grandstream products are held to the highest standard and designed based on the needs of the market with our customers in mind. Each device is carefully thought out and then put through a series of internal and beta testing, and manufactured with high quality material so that we can provide our customers with top quality products.



Grandstream solutions are relied on by businesses in over 150 countries around the world. We not only pride ourselves on providing reliable products to our customers, but also provide our partners with top-notch support, technical training, sales training, and more. Grandstream is a company that customers can rely and depend on.


Grandstream is a forward thinking company focused on research and development to deliver the most innovative products to the market. We listen to, and value our customers needs and wants and turn those ideas into a reality. Grandstream is constantly finding ways to help and improve other business and organizations innovate and evolve through our products.

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